Welcome to Dave Space

Hey, this is Dave! If you're on here, you probably want more info on who and what I am. I'm currently a music kind of guy. I run a label, I do some projects, and constantly involved in the music community. Other communities I'm in are in the art and furry community. I'm a fellow from California, in my 20s, hella Chicano. Check out below for a look at all the social media I use.

Other social mediums you can ask me info for: Steam, Discord, Skype, Battle.net (for Overwatch), Snapchat, Telegram, Genius, and 3DS Friend Code (for 3DS Smash and Pokemon Sun/Moon).

Ask me about my SoulSeek account if you're interested in downloading from my music collection. I do have a separate tumblr that stores vw/lo-fi music over at the TVG blog.

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